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Hi I have been collecting info over the years on one side of my family that came from north Norfolk, and came across your Salthouse site, and more importantly for me, the link to the Kelling School.My great, great grandfather, Samuel Wright, ran what was called the Kelling Arms public house in The Street, Kelling. He took over as the Innkeeper in 1897, and my family ran it until 1957.The first to go there, Rose Alice Harrison, was the Salthouse connection, because she married Thomas Lubbock Matthews who was born in Salthouse.He and Rose moved to Sheffield to become a school attendance officer and the other sisters followed.Anyway, I don't know if this is of any help to you, or me just sounding off. A few years ago I was embarking on my family tree research and contacted your excellent website regarding three teacher sisters called Harrison who retired to Salthouse in the 1940s.I have since found out a lot more about them and they also appear in two stories on your website - one about the windmill and one by Pamela Hayward who remembered the sisters.

His probate states that he was living in Church House, Salthouse.HESE MESSAGES are ones I have gratefully received and put up here for people who are interested to read and may be encouraged to send a message.If you didn't want your message to be put here just say so, but do let me know you've visited!I will put my updated information onto the messages page but I was wondering whether you have any contact details for Pamela.If so, could you let her have my details so that she could reply to me if she wanted to.

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    ” – भैया बोले। “अभी तो मैं पूरा खाली ही हूँ। परीक्षाएँ भी खत्म हो चुकी हैं। चलिए एक अनुभव के लिए आपकी दुकान को भी सँभाल लेते हैं (और भाभी को भी)।” “आज ८ बजे मेरी ट्रेन है, तू सात बजे घर आ जाना और मुझे स्टेशन छोड़ कर वापिस मेरे घर ही चले जाना।” “ठीक है मैं बजे आ जाऊँगा।” बजे मैं भैया के घर पहुँच गया, भैया सफ़र की तैयारी कर रहे थे और भाभी पैकिंग में भैया की मदद कर रही थी। पैकिंग के बाद भाभी ने भैया को खाना दिया और मुझे भी खाने के लिए पूछा। “भैया को छोड़कर आता हूँ, फिर खा लूँगा।” मैंने कहा। बजे भैया और मैं स्टेशन पहुँच गए। भैया की ट्रेन सही समय पर आ गई, भैया का आरक्षण था, भैया अपनी सीट पर जाकर बैठ गए और पाँच मिनट के बाद ट्रेन मुम्बई के लिए चल पड़ी। चलते-चलते भैया बोले,”भाभी और बच्चों का ख्याल रखना।” “आप यहाँ की फिक्र ना करें, मैं भाभी और बच्चों का पूरा ख्याल रखूँगा।” मैंने स्टैण्ड से अपनी बाईक ली और तक घर आ गया। मैंने दरवाज़े की कॉलबेल बजाई तो भाभी ने दरवाज़ा खोला और बोली,”हाथ-मुँह धो लो, अब हम खाना खा लेते हैं।” “आपने अभी तक काना नहीं खाया?

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    Smallwood (2010), PIDBA (Paleoindian Database of the Americas) 2010: Current Status and Findings, Archaeology of Eastern North America, Vol 38. Kunz, Michael and Tony Baker (2011), From Mesa to Monte Verde, Alaskan Anthropological Association, 38th Annual Meeting 143.

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    No matter where you go in the world, there is Italian food.

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    She’s NOT imagining Homer Simpson sitting on his couch reading a book on communication. If you were hiring a bodyguard, would you want one that said, “Yeah, I can be a bodyguard. It’s actually not easy to describe a REAL MAN in a few sentences… For instance, a woman SAYS that she likes guys who are “thoughtful”. or adding chocolate to every single dish you make for her from now on…