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In fact, starting an online business and building a foundation for future growth can be done in a matter of hours, as opposed to what used to take days, weeks, even months.If you have a novel business idea, a well-defined target audience in mind, and the skills to pull it off, you can make money online in countless different ways.Even websites like will "pay for performance" based on page views for just about anything you want to write about if you have the experience and background to cover your beat.

A growing number of websites and companies will pay well for your articles or blog posts.

So I put together a list of business opportunities with legitimate companies that: These are legitimate companies with business models that allow you to get paid for a wide range of different activities.

Remember, when evaluating a potential business to start, you need to choose an opportunity that activates your strongest skills, and engages your most prominent areas of interest.

As a starting point, create freelancer accounts on the leading online marketplaces like Upwork, People Per Hour, and Freelancer.

Then, once you're ready to branch off and start charging higher rates, you'll want to build your own portfolio website and reach more valuable clients in other ways.

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