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Start where you are, and journey from there one footstep at a time.You're not doing it to pass judgement on Scripture or the people in it or the people who believe what it says.The only one of those I can recommend is Eugene Peterson's , because he's so good and so sound at it.His work will hit home to you after only a short reading, and hits home even to those who have been reading the Scriptures all their lives.

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But what I soon learned is that to really get a handle on what the Spirit is saying, I needed to be with people and get a life.

When you study the Bible, start where you are, not where you're "supposed to" be. Maybe what keeps getting at you is something from a movie or a song, or what you already know or think you know all about the stories, or a Proverb your grandma taught you.

As you get into it, you'll find that you remember more than you think, but not nearly enough.

" and it leads you to want to read it, but you don't know how to go about it, that's okay.

If it's even a small part of what is claimed, this is no ordinary reading experience.

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