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Guerrilla marketing behaviour delivers publicity via local unconventional marketing activity that makes people sit up and notice..think “Shock & Awe”. The oldest guerrilla trick is old fashion PR so keep at it.

Pick up the phone and give local journalists what they need most; great news content – its all about spinning your activity to make it a human interest story.

The new computerised composer can compose new tunes after being trained using 23,000 pieces of Irish folk music.

Pictured is the folk musician Bob Dylan taken prior to the release of the album 'Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' (stock image) The computer system has been trained using 23,000 pieces of Irish folk music.

Brand them with your suppliers logo, your logo barcodes or QR code even.

Use your products in a way you never did before 19.

Researchers say so far the computer has created more than 100,000 new machine 'folk tunes' and marks a significant step forward for the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Instead, don some Recessionista fatigues and arm your business with these creative cost-saving tactics.Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing site simply puts it as “The achievement of conventional goals (e.g.Use Reverse Graffiti : Street artists use soap instead of a spray can and a stencil to scrub out an image in public space. Sustainable design blog, Inhabitat posts some in “Clean Green Street Art hits San Francisco! Create Projections onto a blank wall at night and it becomes a natural billboard/ cinema screen e.g. The message : re-using parking spaces by turning them into landscaped gardens as a way reclaim city space.If I was a garden centre i would jump on a campaign like this with product placement. Body art as Advertising: using temporary body art / tattoos on your staff as they man events, exhibitions or hand-out flyers in the street.

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