Catholic church dating after divorce

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Eleven Cardinals Speak on Marriage and the Family will call for stern laws on marriage and annulment to remain, and for Catholic teaching on lifelong marriage to be strengthened.

It urges caution before the rules on annulments are eased.

“When that one spouse visits a lawyer, they place the entire family in the hands of a hostile court system.

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Another couple, now divorced, made the twin sacrifices of building a large family and allowing the wife to stay home — because, in the ex-husband’s words, “Simpleminded me, I looked at every sacrament as precious and worthy.” Two others, now divorced, helped at their parish and were sacrificing to send their kids to Catholic schools.

Back in 1997, and after about two years of waiting, I received a decree of nullity, which is more commonly known as an “annulment.” This was not a “jump for joy” moment for me because I never wanted to divorce in the first place.

Despite all the betrayal and pain that had occurred, I would have stayed married and would have worked to improve my relationship with my spouse.

Divorcees who remarry after a civil divorce without an annulment are considered to have contracted an illicit marriage and to have committed adultery.

They are banned from the central sacrament of communion.

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