Dating a rolex tudor watch dating advice videostore

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Besides those specific cases, in most instances, a detailed examination of the logo and other text on the dial is sufficient.

Comparing with pictures of similar models that you can find in books or other trusted sources (emphasis on "trusted," as it is not unheard of for unscrupulous "experts" to simply make things up, especially when they are also dealers) is a safe starting point: it comes down to analyzing the shape of the Rolex logo, assessing whether it is should be applied or printed, and studying the font of the main lines on the dial.

This checklist can’t claim to be comprehensive, as numerous books would not suffice to cover all the quirky features of the entire vintage production from Rolex.

It will nonetheless provide you with the basic knowledge to avoid being on the losing end during your next quest.

The Oyster Bracelet: Is most commonly found on the Sports Model watches like the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Explorer, and Rolex Milguass watches.

Another curse with vintage Rolex comes from the abundance of spare parts, also called "service parts." These are authentic, in that they were approved by Rolex and often fitted in watches as replacement parts.The Jubilee bracelet tends to lean towards the "dress" watches that you would take out for a special occasion.The links themselves are made up of a few different pieces held together by an in excessable pin, then linked to gether much like a puzzle of metal, and then secured through the link pin holes.In fact, this bracelet is very original to the entire watch making community.The bracelet looks very closely related to an oyster bracelet, however; there is a touch of jubilee braclet as the connector links are not solid pieces (as in the oyster).

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