Des bishop dating advantages of absolute dating techniques in archaeology

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Gregory the Great the Dionysian Era is not adopted.In the course of the Middle Ages this principle was generally admitted, and we find, for example, that at Cologne in the twelfth century the validity of a certain instrument was contested because it lacked a date. now the Roman decrees lay down that letters which lack the day and the indiction have no binding force." (Westdeutsche Zeitschrift für Geschichte, I, 377.) But although this principle was recognized in theory it was not always carried out in practice."Those who have seen it say that the document which John brought does not bear the day or the indiction . Even down to the beginning of the twelfth century not only royal and imperial letters but even charters (), properly so called, were occasionally through the carelessness of officials sent out without a date.In the empire it only became general in the latter part of the ninth century, while although it occurs occasionally in papal documents of the time of John XIII (965-972), it was not the rule before the twelfth century.But for the dating of papal documents and for the so-called "double date" see the article BULLS AND BRIEFS.

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