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As the reader pointed out, this is going to be a problem if you have to enter the same subset of data for, say, fifteen records.

Looking at Figure 1, wouldn t it be reasonable to automatically set the title field with Mr. Especially for pages used for data entry, this little trick might greatly improve the user s experience.

These features are provided out-of-the-box and are not configurable by programmers.

Or, at least, not declaratively and, maybe, not easily.

It s fairly common for Web applications to work on a single record at a time.

For example, displaying the contents of a single record of data is a necessary practice when you build master/detail views. NET 2.0, the Details View control renders a single record at a time from its associated data source, optionally providing paging buttons to navigate between records and Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) capabilities.

Filling out the form and inserting a record into the database works well.To get the datakey value of the selected record of the Details View control, we need to set the Data Key Names property of the Details View control. " Select Command="SELECT * FROM Sample" Update Command="Update SAMPLE SET [email protected],[email protected] Where [email protected]" Delete Command="Delete SAMPLE Where [email protected]" Insert Command="Insert SAMPLE(Code, Name,description) VALUES(@Code,@Name,@description)" runat="server"/ When the page index of the Details View control is changed, the Page Index Changed event is fired.This property should be assigned with the Primary Key of the database table. We cannot retrieve the datakey values as the data is not yet bound to the details View control.The table in Figure 2 details the supported events. It is interesting to note that the Item Command event doesn t fire if the user clicks on the Edit or Insert buttons or any other standard buttons.Clicking these buttons is handled internally to ensure the expected behavior.

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