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What happened on that fateful day in June could thus be regarded as no more than the escalation of an ongoing civil war.

The North Korean Government has claimed that in 1949 alone, the South Korean army or police perpetrated 2,617 armed incursions into the North to carry out murder, kidnapping, pillage and arson for the purpose of causing social disorder and unrest, as well as to increase the combat capabilities of the invaders.

And there was little in the way of accusations about American "imperialism" in Korea.

Now the North Koreans, by armed attack upon the Republic of Korea, have denied the reality of any such line." The two sides had been clashing across the Parallel far several years.

At times, stated the Pyongyang government, thousands of soldiers were involved in a single battle with many casualties resulting.

A State Department official, Ambassador-at-large Philip C Jessup, speaking in April 1950, put it this way; "There is constant fighting between the South Korean Army and bands that infiltrate the country from the North.

Although both Moscow and Washington and their hand-picked Korean leaders were not always displeased about the division of the country (on the grounds that half a country was better than none), officials and citizens of both sides continued to genuinely call for unification on a regular basis.

That Korea was still one country, with unification still the goal, at the time the war began, was underscored by the chief US delegate to the UN, Warren Austin, in a statement he made shortly afterwards: "The artificial barrier which, has divided North and South Korea has no basis for existence either in law or in reason.

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