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Exploitation in the prostitution market is taken seriously.

It is no longer acceptable to joke about it,” says Jahnsen.“This is however not a direct consequence of the sex purchase law.

The police are measured according to convictions and fines, not according to how many robberies or rapes they manage to prevent.” Few individuals fall within the police’ narrow definition of what a victim of human trafficking is: individuals who show clear signs of having been forced or tricked into prostitution.

According to Jahnsen there is often a blurred line between force and free will within human trafficking, where men, women and transgender people may regard prostitution as the best or only way out of a desperate situation.“The prostitution as such may not always be their biggest problem.

With increased focus on human trafficking, fighting prostitution has become a higher status task in the police force.

But the police do not go after prostitution as such; they go after prostitutes with an immigrant background.

It allows for great deals of interpretation among those who implement it: social workers and the police.

A report by Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies has shown that as a result of “Operation homeless”, female prostitutes refrain from reporting violence out of fear.

Through extensive field work she has followed special units in Oslo and Bergen and observed how they work.

She has also interviewed people within the police force.

But to many the biggest problem is that they don’t have legal residency in Norway.

They know that they risk being deported if they contact the police.”According to international agreements, victims of human trafficking are entitled to a “reflection period”.

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