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The Idaho Statesman, Boise's only daily newspaper, reported the arrests on November 2.News of the arrests ignited a panic in the citizens of Boise. According to the plea agreement, agents with the Idaho Department of Probation and Parole arrested Wade for a felony probation violation in July of 2014.The detective conducted open-source internet searches on and discovered that the images of the minor on Wade’s phone had been posted in an ad for “escort services” in Boise in July and November of 2014. She admitted posting the minor as an escort on, using the images sent to her by Wade. Sex trafficking of children is punishable by not less than 10 years’ imprisonment and up to life, a 0,000 fine, a term of supervised release of not less than five years and up to life.Dice initially discovered nothing, then began speaking with some youths who told him about "juvenile delinquents" who congregated at the YMCA and who engaged in homosexual acts with adult men.

Dice's "unnamed client", a lawyer connected with the YMCA and who was connected to the power elite of Boise, hired Dice to investigate.BOISE – Michael Wayne Wade, 30, of Boise pleaded guilty today in United States District Court to sex trafficking of children, U. The cell phone contained texts with a minor that included images of the minor, including one that was sexually explicit. was arrested by the Boise Police Department in December of 2014, and admitted she worked as a prostitute in Boise, and that Wade was the “boss” who “pimped her.” She admitted Wade asked her to use the minor for a two-girl “date,” which she refused. A Nokia Lumina cell phone was seized from Wade and examined by a detective with the Boise Police Department.It is equally unclear what triggered the investigation. Charles Blanton, who had worked in the County Prosecutor's office until September 1955 and who represented Cassel, the office did not routinely search for homosexual activity to prosecute.Between early September and late October, something unknown happened that caused the heightened pursuit leading to the three initial arrests.

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