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There are very few, if any other, community treatment programs in Australia like Ms Chamarette's.

Most are run through the prison system, which she believes is problematic for several reasons.

Her work has been criticised, resisted and slammed for being soft on offenders. Four men charged with child sexual abuse or online offences had taken their own lives in the previous two months, and officers were left traumatised.

He wanted to know how they could do things differently.

Some readers may find the concepts in this article confronting.

Second, prison programs lump all sex offenders into one group."We don't mix sex offenders who've offended against adults with those who offended against children," she said."In a therapeutic group you don't expose people who've done crimes that people naturally find offensive and horrendous to people who share those antagonistic, hateful views.

Almost 7,000 men did — and now they have 11 treatment centres across the country.

Germany does not have the same mandatory reporting laws Australia does and Dunkelveld's participants say this confidentiality is key; they would not have sought help if they knew they'd be reported.

The victim, a 29-year-old mentally and physically disabled woman, "was being housed in a vacant shed near the" the suspects resident in the Westbridge Manor mobile home park at 21 Mile Rd and Heydenreich in Macomb Township, sheriff's officials said in a statement Tuesday.

It's believed Misty George, 30, and Michael Welch, 38, had been renting space in their mobile home to the victim, but kicked her out when she fell behind on rent payments.

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