Social media and online dating

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This means that advertisers and others are able to use information gleaned from social networks to build a profile of a user’s life, including linking browsing habits to one’s true identity.Read Krishnamurth and Will's 2009 study On the Leakage of Personally Identifiable Information Via Online Social Neworks.In addition to public information, third-party applications may access some private information.

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To learn more about cookies and how to browse the Internet safely and privately, see PRC Fact Sheet 18: Privacy and the Internet.

As a general rule, use caution when using third-party applications.

Remember that it is difficult to control what information they are gathering, how they might use it, and who they will share it with.

Government and Law Enforcement Uses of Social Networking Sites Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) with assistance from University of California-Berkeley Samuelson Clinic have shed light on how government agencies use social networking sites for investigations, data collection and surveillance.

While still incomplete, the documents that have been published indicate: Each social network has adopted its own procedures for dealing with requests from law enforcement agencies.

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