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However tough the competitors have tried to beat this application, Whats App have managed to stay ahead of its counterparts by miles.Be it any occasion, any time or any situation, the messaging app has always come to one’s rescue.You can set up the Second Life Viewer to automatically translate text chat into the language of your choosing.You must set up an account with Google or Bing to enable text chat translation.Other benefits of the social messaging app are that the word limit has completely been a long forgotten restriction.The 160 characters limit is no longer a limitation.- No swearing, No flooding, No harassing, No spamming, No invites, No racial & insults discussions, No cyber is allowed.

You can IM any Resident, no matter where they are, inworld or offline, at any time, in contrast to local chat which is limited to those inworld at the same time.

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]Free of charge, easy interface, and instant delivery has made this application used by millions across the world.

The latest in trend is the social networking app called Whats App.

The social messaging app Whats App has been a gamechanger in the way one communicates.

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