Updating playstation 3 internet browser

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With your phone and PS4 on the same Wi-Fi network you can pair them via the connection settings on the PS4.

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There is every possibility that the HDMI cable that comes in the box won't be long enough for your home set-up so you will have to buy a new one.

It's a pretty nifty little feature, but is still not widely known about as not all TVs support it and it requires a bit of fiddling in Settings menus.

Officially called HDMI CEC, pretty much every manufacturer (helpfully) has a different name for it. Most will support the feature, which essentially tethers your TV and PS4 together and slaves actions such as powering on between both devices.

It's worth keeping in mind too that there needs to be enough space on the PS4 HDD so check the file size to make sure the game will be there when you need it..

The Daft Punk style headset has an HD 1920x1080 OLED display, a 120hz refresh rate and 3D audio to fully get your head in the game.

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