Who is peaches geldof dating

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ON THE morning of Saturday, November 22, 1997, a chambermaid at the Sydney Ritz-Carlton hotel knocked at the door of room 524.There was a "privacy please" notice on the doorknob, there had been no reply from the guest listed only as "VIP" when housekeeping had telephoned to see whether the room was ready for cleaning, and, before entering, the chambermaid knocked several more times, just in case.

The little girl was -- and is -- a stunning blend of her parents' looks, and was beloved by them both, but this was not a picture-perfect, pretty, domestic set-up.It takes no stretch of the imagination to imagine his hurt at being left by the woman Geldof says he loves still, but how he felt about their children sharing a home with Hutchence was a different matter.That was father bear protecting his cubs' territory, based on Hutchence's well-known love of a narcotic good time, and the changes in Yates that were obvious for anyone to see.Before him, she didn't drink or take drugs, and alleged flings aside, she'd been committed to Geldof and their family for decades and she had carved out a niche that allowed her to play at being naughty but from a very nice and safe base.That she allowed friends overhear telephone messages from Hutchence, in which he promised to tie her up and torture her with pleasure, spoke of her pride in being found sexually exciting -- and by such a universally sexually exciting man -- but setting up house with him was a different matter.

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